How to Set Documents to be Printed Only by Physical USB Printers and Cannot be Viewed or Edited

PrintOnly Tutorial

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2 Minutes Video Guide - How PrintOnly Works
How to Use PrintOnly
How to Set the Expiration Date for a Document
How to Set the Number of Print Times for a Document
How to Add a Watermark to a Document for Printing

PrintOnlyClient Tutorial
How to Open POF Files and Print
3 Ways to Print POF Files by PrintOnlyClient
How to Print Multiple POF Files at Once

In today's digital age, maintaining the security and integrity of sensitive documents is paramount. Whether you're dealing with confidential reports, legal contracts, or proprietary information, the risk of unauthorized modification before printing can be a significant concern. To address these concerns, we present PrintOnly - a new software tool designed to provide robust document printing security and control like never before.

Here a Quick Guide with a video tutorial shows you how to use PrintOnly to restrict your documents to be printed by physical USB printers only, with document expiration date and printing times options.

Quick Guide of PrintOnly

2 Minutes Video - How PrintOnly Works

PrintOnly Video Tutorial

How to Use PrintOnly to Restrict Files to be Printed by Physical USB Printers Only in 5 Steps

Step 1. Add Documents into PrintOnly File List

Click on the Add button or drag your documents into the PrintOnly file list. You can select from a wide variety of supported formats such as PDF, MS Word, Excel, images, TXT, PowerPoint, and most popular document formats.


Add documents to PrintOnly

Step 2. Set Document Expiration Date

You can click the Expiration Date area to set the document expiration date. Users would not be able to print the document any longer after the date you set.

Set the Expiration Date

Step 3. Set the Number of Print Times for a Document

PrintOnly also allows you to choose or input a number to limit the times of documents can be printed on each computer. This feature is invaluable when you need to restrict access to sensitive information or control the distribution of proprietary materials.
Please note that if you disable the option, users would be able to print the document unlimited times.

Set the Number of Print Times for a Document

Step 4. Add a Watermark to a Document for Printing

With PrintOnly, you have the option to add watermarks to your documents. This adds an additional layer of security and traceability to your printed materials, making it easier to identify the source of any potential leaks.
If you leave the Watermark option blank, PrintOnly will not add any customized watermark to .POF files.

Add Watermark

Step 5. Create .POF Files

Now you can click the big "Create .POF Files" button to convert documents into the secure .POF format, ensuring that they can only be printed using PrintOnly.

Create .POF Files

Step 6. Distribute .POF Files to Users

Share the .POF files with authorized users. They can only print the documents using the PrintOnlyClient client program.

Users Print Documents by PrintOnlyClient

Step 7. Printing

Users open the .POF files in the PrintOnlyClient and send them to a physical USB printer. Documents are printed with the security and restrictions intact.

Print the .POF File

NOTE: If you find the .pof file print layout is not satisfied, please convert your documents to PDF format and preview the layout then use PrintOnly to generate .pof files.

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PrintOnlyClient Tutorial

How to Open POF Files and Print

You can download the PrintOnlyClient program to open .POF files to print by your USB printer.


3 Ways to Print POF Files by PrintOnlyClient

There are 3 ways to print POF files by PrintOnlyClient:

1. Drag and drop .pof files onto the PrintOnlyClient window, and the program will ask you to select the printer and start printing instantly.


2. The second method is to double-click on the .pof file directly, and PrintOnlyClient would be called automatically and print the document.


3. You can also try the most common way to print .pof files. Simply run PrintOnlyClient and hit the big "Select .pof files" button to select POF files to print.

Users Print Documents by PrintOnlyClient

How to Print Multiple POF Files at Once

If you want to print multiple POF files at once, you could run PrintOnlyClient to select multiple POF files and print. (Hold the CTRL key to select multiple files)

Or you can simply drag and drop .pof files onto PrintOnlyClient window to start multiple files printing.

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